It's been 25 years since the New Jack City appeared in theaters. In honor of the anniversary, Ice-T offered some insider information on how the classic film came about.

The 58-year-old rapper, who was fresh off of releasing "Cop Killer," was apprehensive about playing Detective Sonny Appleton.

"I was in that mode and was like, ‘Damn man, do you really want to take a risk and be in a movie? It could ruin your career and right now it’s hot,’ he said in an interview with Okayplayer. "I was on fire at that time, so I was nervous. Nobody had pulled off the acting shit correctly to me. Run [DMC] and them did Tougher Than Leather and they had Beat Street, Breakin’—stuff like that, but nobody was really a standout actor."

As for his payout on the film, it's pretty low in comparison to how much the movie made, particularly considering it was the highest grossing film of that year.

“I got paid scale, so for New Jack City I made about $25,000 for the whole movie," he said. "The movie made like $67 million, but by now, it’s probably closer to $80 million bucks. That was my first lesson in Hollywood. How could I negotiate? I was never in a film."

Check out the full interview here.

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