Star Wars effectively broke the internet (or at least a few websites on it) the other night when tickets for The Force Awakens went on sale just before the latest trailer debuted. We’re all so collectively excited about a new Star Wars film (which is pretty wonderful) that we’ve been poring over each teaser and trailer trying to discern what secrets The Force Awakens may hold. And now one clever fan has edited the footage from each teaser and trailer together so you can see it all in one convenient place.

The edit comes from Science vs. Cinema (via Slashfilm) and combines footage from the first teaser released last year, the first official trailer released this summer, and the recent (and final) trailer from earlier this week. Instead of just slapping the trailers together end-to-end, this supercut interweaves the footage from each trailer in a way that makes sense.

It’s also a pretty good idea for a supercut, not only capitalizing on the revived heaviness of Star Wars fandom, but putting all this footage together to give us a trailer that’s new and a little different right on the heels of the final official trailer.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets are currently on sale with additional showtimes being added regularly. The film hits theaters on December 18.

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