You probably think of an umbrella as a function-first accessory: Just keep me dry and that'll do. But it can be much more, if you want it to be.

This is great news for urbanites residing in rainy or overcast cities like London or Seattle, not to mention places like New York or Chicago, where spring tends to be rather damp. (And by the way, today is officially spring.) But pretty much no matter where you live, rain is a fact of life, which means you need an umbrella. Otherwise you risk a flash shower messing up your complicated coiffures, or perhaps soaking through or wrinkling their designer duds, and we can't have that, can we?

While it’s safe to say that a few of the stand-out-from-the-crowd umbrellas we’ve got on display here might cost you a pretty penny, some of these selections are quite reasonably priced. Regardless of the cost, these quirky rain-stoppers will help you make quite a fashion statement as you got about your daily life -- and keep you dry at the same time.