We love us some sneakers. We love us some boots. But there's much more to the footwear game. Every man needs to look his sharpest sometimes, and that means a pair of real shoes.

There are thousands of places on the web where you can find tips on what shoes go with what outfit, what the three most important pairs of shoes to own are, what this year's most creative shoemaker has coming out -- and all that's nice and important and everything.

But there's nothing quite like seeing for yourself. And that means pictures. If you're looking for some serious, wide-ranging inspiration for your shoe rack -- beyond the basic "one nice pair of brown shoes, one nice pair of black shoes" maxim, which you should have mastered by now -- we tracked down five of the best Instagram feeds for men's shoes.

Each one of these offers a different look at what makes a good piece of men's footwear. Some focus more on conservative, professional looks, while others give you options you can wear just about anywhere. The five we picked are:

We chose three of our favorite images from each:

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