You know that bucket hat trend that everyone loves? It’s dead. That’s right, we at ANTENNA are calling it. It hasn’t even had the chance to reach the stratosphere yet, and we’re setting a heat-seeking missile to completely eviscerate this trend and give it an X-Pac Bronco Buster right back to sea level. The second we saw Rihanna wear one, we knew that bucket hats were OVER. The last person we need wearing anything cool is someone who doesn't dress herself.

Let Schoolboy Q keep Q'n and rocking his hat — he was a pioneer in resurrecting the bucket game. All you tagalongs need to give it a rest, before you beat it so far into the tail pipe the trend will have no choice but to explode into a blaze of lame. Check out the slideshow to see some of the most flagrant abusers of the bucket hat.

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