The pipe organ's been around since antiquity, but a pipe organ that shoots flames out of its pitch-producing metal tubes must be a more modern concern.

To wit, actually playing a fire-producing organ has got to be an altogether explosive experience.

Funnily enough, church music director Tom BetGeorge had the chance to try just such an instrument recently. On May 8, he shared footage of his scorching "fire organ" session on social media, all while declaring his desire to own the organ constructed by instrument maker Jonathan Elkins. And why wouldn't he? It would undoubtedly make church services more exciting.

See the video down toward the bottom of this post.

The Flame Thrower Organ, as Elkins calls it, was on display at the Transworld Halloween and Attractions Show earlier this year in St. Louis, according to Classic FM. That's where BetGeorge was able to put his hands on the organ while it was decorated with a fake skull and a Phantom of the Opera mask to really drive home the instrument's appeal around late October.

BetGeorge, who holds a degree in music from UC Berkeley, currently serves as director of music at Lincoln Presbyterian Church in Stockton, California. He also runs a free light show called Magical Light Shows.

What would you do with a flame-throwing organ? The over-the-top instrument's incendiary spectacle would doubtless make for an entertaining performance, no matter what kind of music is emanating from its keys.

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