Pop culture’s cruel wheel of fortune will roll over the world to bring us an Entourage film in the next few days, but before that bitter end, the folks at ScreenJunkies have again plumbed the depths of TV for their latest Honest Trailer. Somehow, we imagine HBO will want to keep this one from Peter Dinklage.

For those actually into the original Entourage, the six-minute clip takes us back to the days of yore and 2004, as four best bros moved to Hollywood (or at least Doug Ellin’s whitewashed vision of it) for an endless stream of celebrity cameos, aging pop culture references and easily-solved crises.

Of course, not every actor over the years actually played themselves, as the trailer reveals, while worst of all is an uncovered shot at future HBO and Game of Thrones darling Peter Dinklage. We’d imagine Dinklage never caught word of the reference before meeting with HBO execs for the role of Tyrion Lannister, but it’s a rough quote, even for Entourage.

Before falling into the rancid sewer of a cinematic Entourage, do take a gander at the above video, and thank your lucky Lannisters Game of Thrones happened the way it did.

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