Earl Sweatshirt has canceled the remainder of his tour due to "lack of self-maintenance," as he put it on Twitter. "I had to press eject on the tour. I am physically and mentally at the end of my rope. I weigh a fraction of what I'm supposed to," he wrote, before getting zen on everyone's asses: "And without synergy between the body and mind there is nothing. No point in performing if it's not the best show I can give every time."

Odd Future's master MC hit the road in support of Doris back in October, and he was scheduled to play a couple festivals this summer. Anyone who's been to an Odd Future show knows they're as much about the physical as they are about the music, so it's understandable if he's drained after months of that type of raucousness.

The silver lining is that he'll use the downtime to finish up his next album. "Now that I am home I can get healthy and get this album out to y'all while it's still fresh," he tweeted. Check out his relevant posts below.