If you're like us, you first heard of DVS through Twitter, and months before you had any idea DVSblast was a formidable rapper, you were faving and sharing his weird musings. Today, though, his Rap God aspirations inch closer to his Twitter God accomplishments with the release of Mutant League, a free compilation of all the songs the New York MC has featured on from the past two years or so.

Despite the pasted-together tracklist, this is much more than just a stopgap before his official mixtape DVTV drops. It's a bumrush (can we bring that word back into hip-hop circulation, please?) of New York's oddball hip-hop underground. You won't find A$AP Rocky or Action Bronson here, but you'll hear Kool A.D., Das Racist affiliates Lakutis and Big Baby Gandhi, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, and NYC transplant Kitty all rapping over some clanging, hyperactive Def Jux-level beats.

Click play below to get to know the scruffy, fast-talking, Sticky-Fingaz-trying-to-use-an-inside-voice man behind the Twitter myth.

[via Noisey]

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