Converse has teamed up with legendary band Black Sabbath to drop some really rocking (wink, wink) pairs of sneakers. We just had to check if Ozzy Osbourne was still alive—he is, which begs for the question, How?

Like, ten years ago the guy was completely incoherent and one slippery floor away from death, but he's still alive. After all of the drugs, touring, and bad reality television you would think the guy would have just hung it up a while ago. Instead, he lives on. To which you should all toast to him for being a fighter and living strong even though we everyone counted him out. So, head on over to to buy these sneakers for the rock god Ozzy Osbourne one time and make yourself feel less guilty for thinking the old guy should've croaked a while ago. We know we will.

[via Nike]

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