Club Monaco had a flash of popularity in menswear circles that came as quickly as it went a couple of years back, but that doesn't mean that the store ever stopped making dope product. For example, the "modern overcoat" you see above is pure John Blaze — and luckily CM is flying under the radar enough these days that it still hasn't sold out.

The silhouette is supposed to combine three classic coats, the pea coat, the bomber jacket, and the parka to create  the perfect overcoat, and we have to say that the dirty dogs over at CM 360-windmill-between-the-legs DUNKED that concept to create a winner. The coat features a leather shawl collar, knit cuffs, and flap welt pockets to help class it up a bit, but we'll still find a way to make it look trashy as hell when we're getting kicked out of the bar for creeping on chicks this weekend.

In our opinion, the coat looks like a toned down version of the Fear of God LA long bomber that had the innanet goin' nutz some years back. Luckily, CM's version of the coat is much cheaper coming in at $398, which isn't exactly economical, but our unexpired college I.D. cards will help bring that price down. Shout out to that student discount.

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