Cara Delevingne turns 22 today (August 12), and she is already the most important model in the world (apologies to Kate Upton, who had a good run). The Brit has already conquered Chanel, Victoria's Secret, DKNY and W magazine. She's pals with Taylor Swift and Rita Ora, she's got a string of acting gigs on the way, and she was even a DJ in 'Grand Theft Auto V.' The biggest marker of her star power, though, is that 5.75-million-follower Instagram account, which we have studied tirelessly.

And what we uncovered during our research is that Cara has a habit of posting photos depicting her almost kissing other girls. Sure, she has plenty of photos in which she's actually locking lips with females—after all, she had a fling with Michelle Rodriguez. But we like leaving a little something to the imagination (Alexandra Daddario's 'True Detective' GIFs notwithstanding), so we present to you 20 photos of Cara Delevingne almost kissing other lovely ladies. Hurts so good.

All photos via @caradelevingne.

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