If you ever bought something from #BeenTrill you're either in high school or not very smart. If you're interested in customizing and buying your very own Been Trill shirt, you're a flat-out idiot. That's it. You're a lame. You believe putting pound signs (hashtags for you youngins), "Been Trill," and some really shitty computer graphics on a t-shirt is "fire." You deserve to be dropkicked directly in your frontal lobe and then maybe, just maybe, you will wake up and realize how dumb you really are.

If you weren't already aware, #BeenTrill is one big inside joke created by an "art collective" which includes the likes of Virgil Abloh aka #BeenFake designing shirts. Basically, it was a bunch of "influencers" who knew they could get away with putting out basically anything and it would sell, just as long as they received the Kanye co-sign. The Kanye co-sign helped build the hype machine, and young kids bought in (pun intended). Now, the three "creative minds" that thought of the brilliant scheme are sitting back, laughing at the thirst-mongers that buy the clothing which takes 15 seconds to design, and counting all of their money.

Obviously, no matter what we say is going to matter to the majority of you — all you really care about is getting hj's, bj's, and zj's (if you don't know what it is you can't afford it, big guy) so if you're still interested in the gear you can head on over to the website and make yourself a shirt. Hell, after you're done creating the shirt you can officially insert "designer" into your Instagram bio because, you know, the only way you're actually buying this is if you're a piece of trash.

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