Baseball games will sometimes feature an "idiot on the field" -- the term an announcer typically uses when a fan jumps from the seats onto the playing field and runs around in the outfield for a few seconds (usually) or even maybe a whole minute (rarely) before a team of security guards surrounds and subdues him.

The derisive term is misleading, though. It implies that those watching, either at home on TV or live at the game, dislike what they are seeing, that the brave adventurer whose courage to break the fourth wall between fan and player should be looked down upon and discouraged. This is some bullsh**! A fan running onto the field and engaging a cat-and-mouse game with the team of generally overweight and/or out of shape security guards is downright hilarious. We wish there were MORE of it. Just listen to the crowd at any game when this happens -- they absolutely love it.

But as the above video suggests, running onto the field will most likely "get you fined, arrested, and banned for life from the stadium." Small price to pay for glory, we think. Take, for example, the following individual. He was at an Angels game back in June. After making his way into center field, he got encircled by five security guards -- game over, right? But no! He managed to elude them, run all the way to the pitcher's mound and even pretend to throw a pitch:

Now, he eventually gave up and had to face the consequences. But it is possible, if you do it right, to elude your pursuers by hopping over the center-field wall and escaping back into the concourse, leaving you with one helluva story people will be asking you to tell for years. Like this genius-hero at an Astros game in 2011:

We should all be so bold. Long live the Idiot on the Field!

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