A sad thing happened on the way to closing ANTENNA magazine's Spring 2012 issue: Our publisher pulled the plug. After five years and 18 editions, we folded, and our in-process cover featuring then-upcoming actor and comedian Aziz Ansari never saw the light of day.

Well, if you haven't put it together yet, we have a bit of news: ANTENNA is back from the dead.


This time, we're online only. Blah blah blah about the death of print or whatever you trolls like to bitch about on the internet. If print was so important to you, you should've bought us on newsstands, and then bought a few more copies for your friends and neighbors. Look, we're not holding a grudge — just don't bring that energy here. We're over it.

What we're not over is the content you'll see flooding our digital pages. Because this job isn't fun unless we're writing about the shit WE LIKE. Our quest to find the newest and coolest products and people is constant and continuous. Back then we were all about What Drops Next. Now we're about What Drops Now.

Stay tuned for new stories in all of the categories you see at the top of the screen: Music, Sports, Style, Sneakers, TV, Film, and, of course, Girls. For the nostalgists, we'll be bringing our archives online, slowly but surely. The aforementioned Aziz feature you never got to read? Here it is. Cutting-room-floor photos from our time spent with Hollywood's most beautiful ladies? Try these.

Click around, get a feel, and hit us up on social to tell us what you think. We're on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Tumblr (where we hung out while the new site was built).

Got a story you want us to write? Or want to write a story for us? Email the editors at antennamag@gmail.com.

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