In case you've been living under a rock this past week, it was announced that Alexander Wang will be collaborating with fast-fashion house H&M for a "revolutionizing" collection. The collection is (it pains us to say this) ACTUALLY good. It mostly pains us to say this because of how abysmal the quality of clothing really is at H&M. In our personal experience, if you wash something from the mega-store once, you might as well kiss that bitch goodbye, because it's shrinking and pilling to a point of no return.

It's clear that Wang pulled inspiration for the collection from modern-day boxing, a sport which we can't really see the wispy Wang attempting himself, but we appreciate his efforts for stepping out of the ring (get it?) and creating something new. Not everything is new, though: The collection revisits the over-popular mega-branding we've become too familiar with these past two years with brands like Hood By Air and #BeenTrill. Wang plastered his name on mostly all of  the clothing, in a more sensible monochromatic kind of way, but still lacking all of the sense in where it was exactly placed.

Wang's last name is slapped over men's shorts (near their wangs!), across the chest of sweaters, and on the legs of sunglasses, so every literate person you come into contact with will know who you're wearing. So, so unnecessary.

If you're going to buy into this hype machine the collection will be in stores on November 6. If you do end up buying a piece from the collection, we just ask one simple thing of you — hand wash that shit you lazy dope.

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