The sneaker scene seems to be all about ultra exclusivity and whetting the appetite of expensive tastes, but at the heart of it all lies cheap heat. While the reseller's market is flourishing and limited edition kicks command top dollar, there are still very affordable shoes out there that won't put a kink in your step.

Every sneaker company is built on a handful of models that never go out of style so there's a constant need to keep those silhouettes en vogue with new inline colorways. Of course, keeping things cost effective may not be what's best for the bottom line, but when you've got special collaborations, athlete endorsements and pop-up shops that sell out product in minutes, it's a bit easier to consider the average Joe when it comes to select styles. And those perfectly priced pairs aren't always relegated to reheated retros either. Each year, several new releases are targeted at consumers without tons of disposable income.

That sweet spot between style and saving can be satiated for less than $100 in most cases and we've whittled your options down to some of the best kicks you can pick up on a budget. While this may seem like a lot, it's pretty scant when you consider the sheer number of retailers and websites out there. But a word of caution, you may want to have your credit card numbers on hand while you're cruising through this photo gallery as some of these are going fast -- or even worse -- being phased out in one way or another. Check out 20 Affordable Sneakers You Need in Your Closet.

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