Today in terribly over-priced sneakers: Rick Owens DRKSHDW slip-on sneakers. Slip-ons are the wave right now in men's fashion and Rick Owens has definitely put his own take on it. Coming through with his patented oversized "shark-tooth" grip sole and monochromatic color scheme, but ditching the leather for a lighter canvas, Ricky O made a loafer that's perfect for you weirdo goth-ninjas. We're pretty sure these are the type of sneakers Chris Farley would take off before he stepped into a building in Beverly Hills Ninja, so yeah they're perfect modern ninja shoes.

OH YEAH, back to them being ridiculously expensive, the sneakers retail for $590 over on MR PORTER. We have no idea how they came up with these astronomical numbers so don't jump down our throats about it.