Look, adidas x Rick Owens AW 14 is here and let's just get this out of the way: it's so much better than the Rick Owens Springblade it's almost unfathomable how both of these sneakers could come out of the same great design mind.

The Tech Runner here is one of the dopest avant-garde interpretations we've ever seen Rick Owens build—in fact, it's so good we'll just look past the Springblade all together. This sneaker was inspired by the Stealth Bomber plane that you always see in really cool Air Force commercials (still never joining, bro) and we have to say we can ACTUALLY see a little bit of the Stealth Bomber plane in this. No word yet on if these sneakers will make you a stealthy ninja, we're still waiting on that press release, adidas.

The sneakers come in four monochromatic colorways and retail for $585 over at End Clothing. They're definitely steeeeeeeep, but they're Rick Owens. What do you expect?