On the heels of the King's return to his hometown of Cleveland, Nike finally officially unveiled his latest signature sneaker. Meet the LeBron 12 — the most sophisticated, highest-performing LeBron sneaker ever created.

At the official unveiling of the shoe at Nike World Headquarters in Oregon on Tuesday, LeBron himself talked about the aesthetics, design and comfort of the 12s in detail. "My favorite quality is my name on it," he said with a laugh at one point. Per the presentation, Nike wanted to incorporate three key elements in the sneaker: superior cushioning, harnessed support and natural flexibility. Mission accomplished, guys.

Born in the Nike innovation lab, the LeBron 12 features an all-new hexagonally-shaped Nike Zoom Air bag on the outsole, delivering a revolutionary cushion system. It's legit, trust us. For now, though, scroll theough the photos above and let us know what you think of the brand new LeBrons in the comments section. Fire or nah?

Below is an intro video to the seven different colorways of the LeBron 12, plus release date details straight from Nike:

LEBRON 12 NSRL – James wasn’t made in a lab, but he is made better by Nike’s research, testing and analysis. The LEBRON 12 lead colorway reflects the process of turning data into design to create superior performance footwear. Launch: Oct. 1 in China; Oct. 11 globally.

LEBRON 12 Heart of a Lion – James has demonstrated the courageous heart of a lion while being tested both physically and mentally over his 11-year professional career. Launch: Oct. 30.

LEBRON 12 Dunk Force – Inspired by the power of James’s statement tomahawk dunk and equated to the speed and force of a helicopter rotor blade. Launch: Nov. 11.

LEBRON 12 Instinct – James’s keen 20/20 eyesight combined with his uncommon speed and agility translates to pinpoint, instinctual decisions, much like the way a hummingbird sees and navigates. Launch: Nov. 22.

LEBRON 12 Six Meridians – A key component of James’s training recovery and preparation is massage therapy. The ancient Chinese practice of reflexology releases energy to different points of the body, or meridians, when massaging pressure points in the feet and hands. Launch: Nov. 29.

LEBRON 12 Trillion Dollar Man – Are we looking at the athlete of the future today in LeBron James? Inspired by James’s legendary work ethic and physical gifts combined with Nike’s finest performance technology. Launch: Dec. 1.

LEBRON 12 Data – James is arguably the most dominant player in the game today, with the statistics to support that claim. Launch: Dec. 20.

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