It seems like every week we're bringing you guys a new piece of outerwear from the England-based store MKI — so much so that we've run out of adjectives to describe how cool the jackets are. There's only so many ways you can say MKI outerwear is "fire," so I guess we just have to go back to calling things "neat" like our forefathers.

These neat-o overshirts are made from a heavyweight cotton twill and nod to the classic military overshirts that were worn back in the dizzay. The overshirts are rugged enough to withstand mostly everything, and are light enough to keep you from sweating your dick off on those miserable in-between fall weather days. You can even mess around with one of these and throw a sweater underneath it on the cooler days — that's just a little pro tip we won't charge you any extra for.

The jackets are currently priced at $106 for the fleck, digital, and splinter camouflage while the tiger stripe camouflage retails around $180. I'm going to be straight with you dudes, that's a decent price to pay for this type of overshirt. I'm literally wearing one today (from a store that shall go unnamed) that ran me $300 and it's a total piece of fucking garbage. Be smarter than me and buy one of these instead.