English store MKI recently dropped this new popover shirt that they're calling the Denim Grandad Shirt. We can see how a gran(d)dad would wear this shirt, because most of them have really good steelo accidentally — and strength, they're strong as fuck. Anyway, the shirt already comes in an already washed heavyweight denim with an elongated back for optimal #cozyboy vibes. It also seems to be more on the relaxed side and we think it would look great worn under one of MKI's awesome bomber jackets. The shirt will retail for $85 which is pretty reasonable, as almost everything is with MKI Store.

If this is you first time hearing about MKI Store be sure to check out the rest of the shop. They're one of the best stores that doesn't get nearly enough recognition being located in Leeds, but anyone with any type of sense knows they're one of the better English brands out.