LeBron James is back with the Cavaliers. He announced his return a week ago, making waves throughout the NBA and making grown men cry all across Cleveland.

With the world's best player now on their roster, the Cavs are looking into acquiring another superstar in Kevin Love and making a serious run at the NBA title in 2014-15.

But first, LeBron has some minor business to attend to: Picking a uniform number.

James wore No. 23 his first seven season in the NBA, all with Cleveland, before jumping ship for Miami and changing his number to 6.

So which will he wear for his second stint in Cleveland? He posted the following to Instagram today, asking fans to help him decide:

Of course, Instagram commenters have a shared IQ lower than both those numbers, so the suggestions LeBron has received so far are predictably, mind-numbingly stupid. But we salute LeBron for taking his deep philosophical questions to the people. Perhaps a "Decision: Part III" is in order here?

While all this talk about LeBron and numbers makes us think of that line from Wale's "Ambition""Lebron shit, I was in that 6 after 23" — when the Cavs tip off this season, the only numbers that will matter are in the win/loss column. And frankly, there's a simple solution to all this: