Soon after LeBron James announced his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers a few weeks ago, Cavs fans began to wonder if those old "23" jerseys hanging in their closets (or you know, burned in the fireplace) were going to be relevant again, or whether they'd have to rush out and cop a No. 6 jersey to get with the times. LeBron even openly asked his fans on Instagram if he should go back to 23 or stick with 6.

On Sunday, The Decision was made, via a post on LBJ's Instragram account, along with the caption:" 23 it is! It's only right I go back. 2·3=6 We still family 6. #HomeTeam #StriveForGreatness." It's official: LeBron will be rocking No. 23 this upcoming season.

LeBron is clearly ready to reward all the Cleveland fans who didn't throw his jersey into a furnace or a toilet when he made the move to Miami, and for those ready to forgive him, you're in the clear with that pre-2010 King James jersey.

Of course, if you want an up-to-date joint, with the Cavs new branding in that awkward post/pre-LeBron era, it looks like they're already on the assembly line:

2014-15 is set to be one of the most interesting NBA seasons in years, thanks in large part to LeBron's return to his home town team in Cleveland. The only question that remains is what the Cavs roster will look like around him. Might Kevin Love still be headed to the Cavs? Or will No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins learn under LeBron's tutelage to be the next great one? Grab some popcorn.

[via @kingjames]