At this point, if you're a rapper and you haven't been sued for stealing a sample, then are you really even a rapper? The latest entry into the "famous rapper sued years after the fact over a sample that his producers probably yanked without him knowing there were any clearance issues" canon, Kendrick Lamar has been hit with a million-dollar lawsuit over his 2011 song "Rigamortis."

Eric Reed and Willie Jones III claim the Section.80 track uses part of their 2010 jazz song "The Thorn" without crediting them. Compare the two tracks below, and you'll hear that K-Dot's track most definitely samples the horn loop from "The Thorn."

Jones and Reed are suing for $1 million plus "Rigamortis" profits and rights, so Willie B and Sounwave, who produced it, might have some explaining to do.

[via TMZ]