UDPATE: Grimes tweeted that she tossed out the album seven months ago, before "Go" was even released, so that indicates fan reaction to the track had no bearing on the LP's fate. 

Grimes revealed in a recent interview that she tossed out her entire new album and decided to start over, partly because her fans didn't like "Go." "It upsets a lot of my fans, and I get why it upsets them,” she said of the track, which was originally written for Rihanna. "Everybody was like, ‘Oh, Grimes is pandering to the radio.'"

Talking about the follow-up to 2012's critically acclaimed Visions, the recent Roc Nation signee said the negative response to "Go" led her to the realization that she hated her new material. "It sucked,” Boucher says, “so I threw it out and started again.”

She's being a little hard on herself, and the fans are being kind of dickish about the track too. Like, she had just signed to Roc Nation and we live in a world where Caroline Polachek gets a writing credit on a Beyoncé album and the Salem dude shows up on Yeezus, so of COURSE she was gonna try her hand at writing a poppy Rihanna anthem! That doesn't mean the entirety of her catalog after that would sound like molly-pop!

Many moons ago, Grimes spoke to MTV Hive (RIP) and explained her next album would be much weirder and bigger than her breakout. "I've been working on more percussive noise music and also a lot of straight vocal music. I want to make dark percussive shit and... release an album that's halfway between ethereal reggaeton and industrial dance music but is still very pop in its song [structures]." After ripping it up and starting again two years later, who knows how much of that influence will remain intact, but regardless, we're looking forward to the new LP.

And to be honest, the more worrying thing from the story is the fact that she also revealed she recently took a few media training lessons. Please, Grimes, don't become another one of these boring-ass pop music Stepford Wives. We know you're loving the new Roc Nation digs, but whatever you do, stay away from Rita Ora.

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