Earlier this summer, Grimes released "Go," a song she and Blood Diamonds originally wrote for fellow Roc Nation signee Rihanna, who rejected it. With that backstory, it's unsurprising that it's her most straightforward pop offering yet, utilizing muscular dancehall synths in the style of Major Lazer for a hefty drop. Grimes keeps it her own, with her feathery, nearly-indecipherable vocals floating atop everything, but it's still very radio-ready.

With a million streams on Soundcloud, it's shaping up to be a hit. It's unclear if the track will appear on her forthcoming Visions follow-up, but the video is coming and the song will only get bigger. The visual looks to be a big-budget Nabil-type affair, as she returns to the desert, a place where she frolicked in her popular "Genesis" video.

Grimes has already amassed tens of millions of YouTube views, and she's a big draw at festivals, but this "Go" clip has potential to be massive, the type of thing that could take her to that next echelon of pop stardom where a Rihanna rejection doesn't happen.

Peep the teaser clip up top, and check out some stills from the video below, snatched up by ONTD.