The NFL combine like a mixture of a job interview, reality show, athletic competition and psychiatrist's visit all wrapped up in one.

Draft analyst Dan Brugler tweeted the following on Thursday:

So, in addition to 40-yard dashes, vertical jumps and broad jumps, prospective NFL players must now field questions that would make Freud blush.

Of course, asking questions that appear to have nothing to do with football is nothing new, although this is venturing into extraordinarily bizarre territory.

Yes, teams are set to cough up big money on players who can potentially help them on the road to a Super Bowl title and there is value in finding out about a player's off-field behavior (Johnny Manziel, anyone?). But asking a kid whose biggest worry a month ago was getting out of his apartment in time for $2 pint night if he thinks his mom is foxy seems a little overboard.

Whatever the reason, teams have to do thorough backgrounds checks to make sure players can embrace the stress of the NFL and the quirks of their playbook.

After all, you don't want to draft a player who can't grasp an Oedipus complex system.

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