Our friends Will and Alex over at XXBC (pronounced "Twenty B.C.") have teamed up with known scenester/stylist/hustler guy Marcus Paul and one of Copenhagen's hottest stores, Storm. And we're happy to report that the collaboration brings back one of XXBC's standout pieces from its first collection: the sweat t-shirt.

Sold at hipster outpost Opening Ceremony back when, no two sweat t-shirts are produced exactly alike. That fact earned the brand some play on these streets, as well as a cult following on Instagram and Tumblr. Paul took note and tapped the young brand for Storm Copenhagen's 20th anniversary celebration. Together they'll release a limited run of 24 sweat t-shirts starting tomorrow, August 6, both in stores and online. As seen in the photos above, each shirt is created using vintage textiles and comes packaged in a unique box set.

XXBC is slowly becoming a well-respected young brand that remains unconstrained by the rules of the fashion industry. Hell, if Justin Bieber is wearing their shit, they have to be doing right. Right?