WTAPS (pronounced "double taps") has released another heater collection featuring their unbelievably boring aesthetic that they execute so well. You guys are probably like, "What's so great about this glorified GAP collection?" Truthfully, we're not entirely sure, but the brand is Japanese, and everything from Japan is hot right now. We will say that the quality of the clothing is exceptional, and if you were to cop something from this collection there's a great chance it would last you the rest of your life. The trick with wearing WTAPS is to not go full blown basic bitch — instead you should pick and choose key pieces you like from the brand and mix it with cooler pieces. Like, WTAPS gear just compliments your flyer gear, but compliments it in a subtle way, thus making your outfit 100x more fly. Yea sure, you could probably buy the exact pieces at the GAP, but you'll know deep down inside, at the core of your soul, that you're the most shallow flyest guy in the room, because your boring jacket is from Japan and costs $600.

The collection will be available in early September over on End Clothing.