Remember the terribly lame but oddly amusing web series "Model Files"? Probably not, because you're a red-blooded male with minimal interest in fashion, but it was a show that hyperbolized the ridiculous fashion industry with really, really terrible acting and attractive models. It was made for people that spell fashion with a capital "F," people who are deathly afraid of the sun, and people that may or may not have had a a collapsed septum or two in their life. All in all, it's mostly for basic betches who think they're thwarting their basicness; the only reason we watched it was because we're degenerates — don't be like us.

Vfiles decided to make a spinoff of the show focusing on fashion interns. The acting is still horrendous, but it's actually a pretty good showing of what serfing in fashion is in today's world. The show pits six self-important, hopeful interns against each other to compete for a Vfiles internship. The cast of hopefuls embodies each archetype you would meet in the fashion internship cesspool. They are as follows:

1. A self-important rich kid who created his own magazine to call himself a "Fashion Editor."

2. A Brazilian model who has never had to actually work a day in her life.

3. A pale, tall, skinny film student who we're pretty sure is on a constant string of Special K throughout the filming of this.

4. A 14-year-old overachieving girl who hasn't had a first kiss but will have a reputable job by the time she's 18.

5. An Asian girl.

6. A senior citizen OBGYN.

Actually, the OBGYN guy is just fucking weird, other than that street-creep these are all people you'll actually meet while fashion interning in NYC. Yes, it's miserable, but it's FASHION.

Insider tip on how to actually get a Vfiles inernship: do a lot of coke with/sleep with an editor there and extort them. It's what everyone does.