Vans Vault teamed up with Taka Hayashi to create these awesome Southwest Native American inspired slip-ons. In case you weren't aware, Native American-inspired outfits have been a small microtrend that's been happening in menswear circles for a minute now. Most of these menswear circles we speak of are compiled of a very white, very upper-middle class, and very entitled bunch of men from good homes in New England. We're not sure when or why these culture vultures decided that some of the items that Southwest Native American tribes have engraved into their culture for hundreds, if not thousands, of years was cool in the mean streets of NYC, but they did.

All of that culture appropriation is a conversation for another time, but right now we must say, we're appreciating the aesthetic. The woven textiles and colors on both of these sneakers are bar none and when combined with a premium leather inside the sneaker that we're positive will create a beautiful patina over time. Add all of that to the fact the these are a classic pair of Vans slip-ons and you quickly realize that you can't go wrong with these sneakers — unless of course you're just a culture vulture.

These sneakers won't come cheap, they're currently priced at $189 over on End Clothing and we think that may be a little too steep, even for us.