L.A.-based brand Underground Visionaries' "Forget Colors" collection is the collection Tumblr kids have been waiting for to reverse layer their lives into oblivion and subsequently live in a reblog limbo. Now, that doesn't mean some of you older guys shouldn't grab some of this gear and ball like the Tumblr tots, because while those internet famous nerds are slobbering all over the next hot thing in two weeks, UV has made sure their clothing will be as timeless and elegant as the day you bought it. Instead of just being the next hot long shirt that young'ns want these days, UV really took a page out of the Far East's book with its longer tunic and helped suit it to the modern man's tastes. So, you don't have to bother throwing four incrementally shorter shirts on after putting on an Underground Visionaries shirt, they're more than cool enough to be worn on their own — and in our opinion they should be.

You can head on over to Underground Visionaries' web store to grab one of these straight PETROL shirts and be sure to check out some of their bottoms as well. The collection is very well-rounded, and from what we've seen they have even more heat coming out with their next collection so look out.