The top two running backs on the Pittsburgh Steelers' depth chart were both arrested on Wednesday  — together. Perhaps the Steelers should have reminded Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount that if you're going to get high, do it with a friend who does not also play in the NFL. And play on the same team. And the same damn position.

20 grams of bud is enough to start a party, and clearly it was also enough to attract police attention just off the smell. Details, from Pro Football Talk:

Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount, Pittsburgh’s first- and second-string running backs, were in a car together and stopped by Ross Township Police this afternoon. Detective Brian Kohlhepp of the Ross Police Department tells PFT that a motorcycle officer smelled marijuana smoke coming from the car and pulled it over. Police found a baggy containing about 20 grams of marijuana in the car.

Both Bell and Blount are expected to be charged with possession of marijuana. Bell is also expected to be charged with driving under the influence. An unidentified female in the car is also expected to be charged with possession of marijuana. According to police, all three people in the car admitted that the marijuana belonged to all of them.

Bell is slated to be Pittsburgh's Week 1 starter at running back, after a rookie campaign that saw him rack up over 800 yards and eight touchdowns. Blount, meanwhile, was a free agent signing this summer after rushing for 772 yards and seven TDs in New England last season. Both could face league discipline, but probably not until the case plays out in the legal system first.

Insert Blount/blunt joke here.

UPDATE: Deadspin notes that in the official criminal complaint against Blount and Bell, there's a bit of confusion on Bell's end about what a DUI is, and how he could get one. From the officer's report:

I informed Bell that because he was smoking marijuana, he could not operate a vehicle and could possibly be DUI. Bell replied, "I didn't know that you could get a DUI for being high. I smoked two hours ago. I am not high anymore. I am perfectly fine. Why would I be getting high if I had to get on a plane to make it to my game?" I asked him what game he was going to and he replied, "I have to be on my plane at three to be in Philadelphia, I play for the Steelers."

Looks like that Michigan State education is paying off for Bell. Nah, in all seriousness, though — alright fine, there's no defending him. Carry on.

[via TDdaily]