Over shirts no longer fit neatly into one menswear sub-culture. Streetwear, workwear, and heritage all have excellent takes on the staple, so it's not unreasonable to tack on "made in Australia" as yet another niche in which over shirts can thrive. Enter six-year-old Australian brand Three Over One, whose take on the over shirt is keeping folks woke.

Designer Jim Thompson draws influence from Denmark's Han Kjobenhavn and the U.K.'s Margaret Howell, and that influence is reflected in his unfashionably offbeat over shirt. Like any sage artisan, Thompson manufactures the garments locally, using imported Japanese cotton. These shirts only get better with age, so throw them on during the rough days in your rotation. The standout detail is a box pleat along the shirt's back yoke that makes for an angular yet relaxed silhouette, perfect for striking back-to-the-wall poses against a sea of thirsty "street style photographers" who've stolen their dad's old Leica cameras.

How many dudes you know got well-made over shirts from a country where literally every pest can kill you? Grab it on sale for $284 at the Three Over One online store— Randi Lai