Parisian label Thomas Demess has released a lookbook that actually [pauses, gulps] may make you want to become one of the dreaded French. The brand mixes just the right amount of classy and playful, with pieces with names like the "Obi One Hoodie" and the "Neo Jacket." More importantly, these are pieces we actually want to wear. The designs are as crazy as their names suggest but are elegant in a way that is both cool and charming. For example, the Skywalker coat looks, well, like Luke Skywalker's coat. We never thought we would want Skywalker swag, but fuck, do we want to get some Skywalker swag. And, OK, FINE. We want that Neo Jacket, too. If you're in your mid-20s and don't still reenact Matrix scenes every once in a while then the entire ANTENNA staff doesn't want to know you.

Click through the Thomas Demess F/W 2014 line above to see what jumps out at you.