First off, we just want to applaud The North Face Purple Label for lining up non-ginger King Krule for this lookbook. Secondly, shoutouts to The North Face Purple Label for combining the men's and women's lines in one lookbook. This pretty girl is sooooooo much nicer to look at.

Simple math for you guys to have fire emoji lookbooks out there — cool clothes + pretty girls = fire emoji lookbooks. Can't get much more simple than that.

Oh yeah, back to the clothes. The North Face Purple label kept things monochromatic, and we ain't mad at it. Actually, every one of these looks is killer and we'd buy everything if the gear didn't cost an arm and a leg and wasn't sold in Japan, thus making the collection 340% more difficult to obtain. As with anything made by The North Face and Nanamica (The North Face's partner in Purple Label) the collection pays great attention to technical detail: color, fabric, layering.

The collection drops this fall, so be on the lookout to grab something nice for your girlfriend. Actually, play it smart and ask your girlfriend to buy YOU something from this collection. This shit is wild expensive.