Italian outerwear pros Ten c produced some mo' fiyah to keep your bodies warm for F/W 14. Building off its military-inspired pieces, the brand added new modular liners and headwear accessories — making this drop look more Japanese than ever before. The military/workwear layering look has been a strong signifier of American-inspired Japanese clothing, but it now seems Ten c has taken a page out of that book to give their collection a new and refreshing twist. Now, Ten c's use of Japanese textiles is nothing new, but it seems obvious that now Japan has heavily influenced all parts of men's fashion. THEY'RE INFLUENCING ITALIANS, BRO. Like, 15 years ago that notion would have been laughed at, now Italians are late on the wave.

Ten c has done a great job in the past with mixing the Japanese/American workwear aesthetic with Italian elegance and this collection just further proves that point. The collection is currently available at Haven Shop.