Spalwart is a Swedish brand that has specialized in footwear since the mid-20th century. Starting with a very basic rendition of a sneaker, very similar to a Chuck Taylor, they eventually made a trainer in the 1970s and if you can believe it, those are the sneakers you're looking at right now. The sneakers are made with quick drying fabrics, airbag materials, and sit atop an aggressively treaded sole that can handle trails just as well as it can concrete. The sneaker is classy enough to wear with a suit, but isn't too bourgeois to get down with your sportswear, making it a more versatile option than a Common Project or Lanvin sneaker. They cost €220 (which converts to $300) but hopefully that number will come down. OBAMA!!!!!

If you don't want to put up with U.S. customs you can buy the sneakers at CSC for $290.