Supreme just dropped the above image teasing their F/W 2014 collection, and if you listen closely, off in the faint distance, you can already hear a tent being pitched on Lafayette Street in NYC. From what we can tell, the two pieces look cool, but we're not interested in them enough to line up four days early for them. Supreme could flat-iron cow shit into a button down shirt and kids would still line up days early for it, so grabbing a piece from this collection is probably improbable.

The skate shop has hit the point where anything they produce is going to get bought and deservingly so. Their popularity is a testament to hard work and keeping a pulse on what the market wants — two often overlooked, but extremely vital, components in a brand's success. Hell, it's past the point of being a brand, they've transcended what a brand can do, embedding themselves in 21st century culture. Remember this: When VH1 has one of those terrible "Remember the 2010s" shows, Supreme is going to get a good 10-minute slot.

Stay tuned to ANTENNA for more information about exactly when the collection will drop and the best deals on hot plates to keep you fed while you camp out for a week trying to buy something.