AY, you got a rain jacket yet? You probably do, but is it as cool and basic as these Stutterheim jackets? It probably isn't.

Stutterheim is known as one of the quintessential brands that represents Scandinavian minimalism to the fullest — as represented by the basic betch rain coats. These coats are basically made from straight rubber, which means that no water is soaking through. Now, if rain is not be able to get in, then the laws of physics state that the salty rain you secrete from your glands won't be able to get out. There's no breathing in this jacket, so get your Gore-Tex dreams out of our faces. This fashi0n stuff isn't a game.

The jacket is finished off with double welded seams (it just means no water is seeping through) and heavy duty silver buttons for some reliability as well as aesthetic. They're on sale now at End Clothing and are heavily recommended for those of you living in Seattle.

P.S. — Could you even imagine what they had to tell this model before they doused him with water in a dimly lit studio? Like, "Hey man, we're just going to need you to stand right there and take this gallon of Poland Spring bukkake to the face. It'll really help our readers get a gauge on how well these jackets repel water.