Well, if you ever needed something to wear to meet her (or his) parents, STONE NY has you guys covered with their new Future Recollections collection. Designers Dakota Scott and Dana Mason decided to produce a collection that's clean, minimal, elegant, and would probably look extra good sitting in a super expensive Eames chair. A few of the pieces have very subtle asymmetrical designs or color blocking that makes them that much more unique,  but not obnoxious, and we LOVE that.

The collection is boring, but boring is hot right now, and this takes boring to a whole new level. We've never seen levels that are so absurdly boring and swagless that loop back around to an abundance of swagger.

It isn't entirely clear where the collection will be sold but you can contact STONE NY via email at customer@stonenewyork.com. That's right, they don't have a web store, that means they're still cool as shit.