Everyone's fav brand Stampd LA dropped their fall 2014 style guide and fuck style, this thing will guide your entire life. The collection is perfect for what's cool right now with distressed denim, playful proportions, moto jeans, and monochromatic color schemes. THIS SHIT IS PURE BLUE FLAME, PETROL, NAPALM BOMB, MAGMA, SURFACE OF THE SUN. You and Kanye would definitely be best friends if you just got like, one of these complete outfits. He'll probably be too busy wearing his expensive A.P.C. collection like a sucker while you're keeping things cool and fiscally conscious in your Stampd jawnz.

One of the better parts of the Stampd LA brand is that their gear is relatively affordable (read: if you have a job, you trolls) and it still looks great. Some of the collection is set to drop on Stampd's web store on August 28, with more of the collection coming out through the fall season. Get  that bank account right and tight for this one.