First off, we didn't even know South Korea had Domino's. Then again, judging from the "pizza" you see above, South Korea Domino's is pretty much nothing at all like American Domino's.

What you are looking at is steak, veggies, cheese, and pastry puffs. On a fucking pizza. As Food Republic explains:

Churrasco is the South American style of grilling meats over an open flame. Pão de queijo is a cheese bread/puff sold throughout Brazil, where the World Cup is hosted this year. This pizza is a tribute to both food items — grilled steak and vegetables are topped with something called "snow cheese" (a combination of shredded mozzarella, cheddar and gouda) with puff-like pastries lining the perimeter. In the photo there’s a large pot of melted cheese that will presumably be dumped over the pie at some point.

Go ahead and submit your online order here, if you'd like to be in a food coma for literally the entire World Cup...and live in Seoul. Meanwhile, we're gonna keep our weird-ass pizza eating all the way American obesity-style, and go chef up a Chick-fil-A pie before Team USA kicks off tonight. Because the United States is definitely better at pizza than South Korea, and probably soccer, too.