Synth music has been outstanding for the last few years — from the big-tent stuff like Chvrches and Passion Pit, to minimal wave revivalists like Xeno & Oaklander, to lesser known pop pleasures like X priest X and Kinky Love, to industrial thrashers like Youth Code. Throw in some recent cold epics from vets NIN and Liars, and we've traversed the entire synth spectrum. We've heard it all. Except for one thing: During this great synth-pop revival, nothing has quite fed our Depeche Mode hunger (least of all Depeche Mode's last couple albums). Until now.

Some Ember's new video "Mourning Jewelry" (has there ever been a better goth-pop title?!) hits the Violator pleasure center that we thought had atrophied long ago. The California duo of Nina Chase and Dylan Travis has dialed into the graceful gloom of that landmark album here, partly because of the spare, sequenced sonics, but mainly because Travis' voice can sound eerily similar to Dave Gahan's.

Check out the video for "Mourning Jewelry" over at BlackBookand stream their whole self-titled album below. Let's be clear, Some Ember are most certainly not Depeche Mode revivalists, with a versatile approach that ranges from euphoric to mechanistic and aggressive, and Some Ember showcases it all.