Have you guys ever heard of 'Lo-Head culture? Probably not because most of you are 20-year-old, white, suburban college kids that are stealing wi-fi from the sorority house next door, but Lo-Heads were kids, usually inner city kids, who copped and wore an abundance of Polo Ralph Lauren. Like, the dudes were Polo'd up from the feet up, and the style of dressing was one the most prominent sub-cultures of the 1990s. Seriously, it's one of the most interesting and flyest ways of dressing we've ever seen. Check out some more of the culture here.

Music producer Just Blaze was a big fan of Lo-Head culture back in the day, so much so that he decided to team up with Saucony and Packer shoes to produce this Grid 9000 silhouette, inspired by the classic Polo "Snow Beach" jacket. The sneaker features the strong yellow and navy colorway like the jacket, but unlike the jacket, the Saucony Grid 9000 features plush navy suede through the side panels while still keeping the yellow synthetic fabric that the jacket features. The shoe may come off as a little gaudy, as the jacket might, but if your mom says anything about it just tell her parents just don't undertsand — these shoes of fuhfuhfuhFIRE.

Just Blaze teased that these sneakers are just the first of a lot to come on Quickstrike, Complex's sneaker web-show. We hope he means more classic Polo gear is releasing, because we've been thirsty for that gear for years.

The Saucony x Packer Shoes x Just Blaze Grid 9000 "Snow Beach" pack will be on August 16 over on End Clothing.

If you want to see more of the shoe check out the promotional video below that features Just Blaze himself: