Back in the day, Saucony sneakers had a good but very quick run in hip-hop. At least in New York, they were the hot sneaker of the time that everyone was wearing on the block. As of five years ago, the only people wearing Saucony were men in their mid-50s looking for arch support. So, so corny. But we're here to tell you that these dad-approved, sans swagger, flat-feet chariots are actually COOL again.

Why are they cool again? It may be the clean aesthetic or the overall minimalism. Hell, it can even be attributed to the proliferation of normcore and hipster kids appropriating swag-less items to make them fashionable again. Whatever it may be, Saucony is cool again, and these 5000 Shadow OG Premiums only strengthen our argument.

Head on over to EndClothing to grab these for $115 and to check out the rest of the line. And if you're worried about their staying power, well, just think of it as an investment into a future pair of dad shoes.