With the rise of dubstep and molly-pop, the pairing of DJ/electronic acts with a charismatic female vocalist has become the pop standard. But when Norwegian duo Röyksopp teamed up with Swedish singer Robyn this year, we knew they'd find a way to twist the formula, offering something beyond neon festival anthem fare. Their mini-album Do It Again did just that, avoiding predictable crescendos and electro cliches in favor of restrained pop, smooth jazz, techno, and languid soundscapes, all in the space of 35 minutes.

Currently on tour, the Scandinavians brought their EP's entrancing title track to Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (June 30) for the late night debut of the collaboration. Robyn rocked her Do It Again power mullet, an oversized jacket, and her trademark platforms, as the Röyksopp dudes turned knobs behind her and masked drummers kept time. It was more proof that when it comes to pop, Scandinavians do it better.