As everyone knows, tailored sweatpants are hot right now. The problem with sweatpants being hot is that if you're wearing sweatpants you've probably got a sausage-silhouette saying hello to everyone you pass on the street. Obviously, this isn't news, but with the recent proliferation of tighter sweatpants comes the UNWANTED proliferation of side-pipe. You ain't Jon Hamm so the world doesn't need to see what you're offering, and Reigning Champ, the apostles that they are, knows that so they released a tailored but not tight pair of sweatpants.

They also have a medium weight to them, allowing you to wear these pants well into fall and early winter. These comfy jawnz from RC will run you about a $100 over at Haven Shop. Sure, expensive for sweatpants, but cheap when it comes to keeping your dignity.