Have you ever dreamed of tweeting "Yo I need some running shoes" and then a dude just shows up and hands you a pair of kicks and is like "Okay, go." It's a weird dream but you gotta admit that'd be pretty awesome. And on Thursday, August 28, Reebok is making that dream a reality.

It's called the Human Dispatch Service (HDS) and Reebok is literally going to run pairs of the new Reebok ZJet to New Yorkers. If you're in Manhattan, just tweet your size and location with the hashtag #ReebokHDS starting at 6 a.m. and a Reebok rep will run straight to you and deliver your ZJets.

Want to work out before heading into the office? Tweet 'em. Need to get a run in during your lunch hour? Hit 'em up. We're actually excited to see if this thing actually works like Reebok is saying it will. For more info, check out Reebok.com/HDS.